Sunday, April 22, 2007

White House Correspondents Dinner

The 2007 White House Correspondents Dinner was held last night. For those who might not have heard about the scandal at last year's event, which may be many of you because few of the hundreds of journalists who were there actually reported on it, Stephen Colbert seized his opportunity to rip a captive George Bush mercilessly. He also launched numerous barbs at the press. Thanks to "the Internets" and "the Google", however, Colbert's performance is now legendary. The full video can be seen here.

Since Colbert was such an embarrassment to the Bushes (with dissenting opinions being so frowned upon and all), the White House Stenographers Club Press Corps Association decided to take a different approach this year by inviting nightclub entertainer Rich Little, who promised not to offend the royal court's delicate sensitivities. By some accounts, Little's routine succeeded in not upsetting the President, but he didn't get very many laughs, either.

When are they going to learn? If you want to make this President bust a gut, you gotta tell fart jokes.

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