Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Politicization of a tragedy

Call me cynical, but after hearing about the Virginia Tech massacre yesterday, I was wondering how long it would be before the Right tards tried to turn it into an opportunity. I didn't have to wait long. First came the gun nuts telling us how this never would have happened if everyone were packing heat. (Just think, if we all carried guns 24x7, it would be just like living in...oh, I don't know... how about Baghdad, and just look at how safe it is over there!) Then came Commander Codpiece's obligatory photo op at Virginia Tech following his five minute speech (which came right after his previous photo op where he used the families of troops as props to tell us how the Democrats were trying to legislate defeat). And now creationist Ken Ham informs us that if only God were allowed back in science class, senseless violence would never occur (but please ignore the millions killed throughout history in God's name - they were heathens and infidels who deserved death). Conservatives truly have no shame.


Fredrik said...

I just had to click on Ken Ham and you were right. Use tragedy to promote religion. I'm a sinner. Sry.

Great blog btw. Keep it up.

john said...

Ken Ham's LG is nothink on the LAN.