Friday, April 27, 2007

Dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole...

(Updated below)

Our Preznit is still throwing a tantrum over any suggestion that we should actually plan on ever leaving Iraq even though the majority of Americans believe otherwise.

President Bush warned Congress Friday that he will continue vetoing war spending bills as long as they contain a timetable...blah, blah, blah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah...we know. Why don't you stop talking about it and do it already. You've only told us 47 times this week. Go ahead George, make our day. Relegating your party to the dustbin of history because you refuse to acknowledge reality is fine by us. We're all sick and tired of you and your corporate-interests-first, use-religion-for-votes, screw-everyone-but-republican-cronies cabal anyway. You seem to be the only person on the planet who believes the thumping your party took in November meant that we wanted you to turn Iraq into Vietnam v2.0.


This NY Times headline makes it sound like Bush is softening his stance:
Bush Eases Tone on Iraq Spending Bill

President Bush adopted a more conciliatory tone toward Congress today, saying he was confident that he and the lawmakers could find “a way forward” on the Iraq war financing bill.

That is, until you read into what he really says:
While vowing again to veto any bill that includes a troop-withdrawal timetable — and use his veto repeatedly, if necessary — Mr. Bush said today, “I think we can come to our senses and make sure that we get the money to the troops in a timely fashion.”
Translation: “I think Congress will eventually cave in and give me a blank check with no oversight on Iraq just like the Republican-controlled Congress did. Until then, I'll keep my arm loose and my veto pen on standby.”

The man really does think he's king. Remember all his bravado before the mid-term elections about how there was no way the Democrats would take over either house of Congress? And it's obvious to everyone that his bullshit claims about conditions in Iraq don't even resemble the reality of the situation. Why does the media still hang on his every word? If they want to point out what a babbling idiot he is, why don't they just go ahead and do so? All of the recent polls show that the majority of American people want Congress to put an end to the conflict in Iraq. These same polls also show that people don't like the job that Congress is doing. When you combine those two pieces of information, it's clear that it means the people will stand behind Congress if they'll just grow some balls and stand up to the President.

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