Friday, May 18, 2007

Wolfowitz out

Paul Wolfowitz has finally resigned as president of the World Bank. The man had no business being in charge of a poverty fighting institution to begin with. The only reason Bush put Wolfowitz in charge was to ensure that the neocon agenda was realized. Their goal was to use the World Bank as yet another weapon to bully countries that are hostile to US interests, while protecting and rewarding those that are friendly. His corruption fighting agenda was just a bogus excuse.

Even though he is being forced to resign, Wolfowitz still makes out pretty well. He accepts no responsibility for his willful manipulation of the rules and the bank is blaming their own. How typical for a member of the Party of Responsibility®. They always manage to find someone else to blame for their screw-ups. I suppose it's a small price to pay to get him out the door, but it's still ridiculous considering everyone knows it's bullshit. Also, he was to receive a $400,000 bonus if he held onto his office for 2 years, which would have been June 2nd. Since he is holding out until June 30th, I'm guessing he will still get his booty although none of the mainstream outlets have reported on this that I am aware of. I would point out that that money could have been much better spent helping poor, starving children somewhere in the world, but the World Bank throws away so much money on themselves that $400K doesn't even register with them.

Now if only Gonzales, Cheney, and Bush can be convinced to follow suit, we can finally look to begin heading down the long road to recovery from too many years of Republican rule.

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