Monday, May 7, 2007

How subjective the truth?

It's interesting to me how conservatives and liberals both constantly accuse each other of lying about everything. The liberals call themselves "the reality-based community." The conservatives call them that also, but they're just being sarcastic. They think the "moonbats" are the liars. I mean, what really gives here?

I've been reading political blogs for about 4 years now. The whole reason I started was because I didn't feel like corporate media was providing a complete or accurate picture of what was going on in the world. Everything seemed to have a surreal quality to it, like something just wasn't right. Some of the news sounded more like propaganda than journalism. A lot of things didn't seem to make sense any more. One day I got fed up. I googled for alternative news sites and came across a few blogs.

The sites that I read religiously (see my blog roll) all strike me as being run by honest, intelligent people with loads of integrity. Sure, they sometimes make mistakes, but they acknowledge their mistakes and print a correction every time one has been pointed out. I've seen some arguments stretched a bit at times, too (at least in my opinion), but they really care about being accurate. The few times I tried to read major conservative sites, like, littlegreenfootballs, and michelle malkin, I could only take a few minutes before either getting pissed off or feeling ill. They just seem to create their own facts. Even when they are proven wrong, which has been almost always (remember Captain Jamil Hussein?), they never own up to their screw ups.

What I'm really curious about is this: are the conservatives who claim liberals are serial liars being ingenuous with their claims? Do they believe what they're saying? Does the world outside their windows really look that different than it does outside mine? I just can't see how two people can look at the same event yet produce such different sets of facts unless one of them is lying. Is the truth really that subjective?

I would like to be able to hold an honest, intelligent, non-emotional conversation with a conservative to try to understand why we see everything so differently. I'm not talking about a debate here, just a conversation. I have little faith that it could happen without turning into a huge ad hominem fest, but I would like to at least try. (And no, I don't sit in my room and hit myself in the head with a hammer, either.)

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