Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MSNBC impeachment poll

MSNBC is conducting a poll that asks:

Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?
After 443,843 votes, 88% of the respondents answered:
Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to justify putting him on trial.
This is an astonishing figure even though MSNBC does state that it is not a scientific poll (which should be as good as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for the Intelligent Design crowd).

Remember back when the Washington Post's polling editor Richard Morin was getting the vapors because participants in a WaPo online chat session kept asking him if he was going to poll on public support for impeaching George Bush? Jane Hamsher said:

The headline blazing across the Washinton Post this morning reads: "Poll: Most Americans Support NSA’s Efforts."

It was written by Richard Morin, and we’ve been down this road before. Just days after the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal broke, before people had become wise to what was going on (and long before Clinton’s popularity soared during the congressional hearings), Morin was polling on impeachment with carefully worded questions. He got the results he was looking for, and long after public opinion had turned they existed as a bulwark against any change in conventional wisdom on Capitol Hill.

This, however, was Morin’s response not long ago in a Washington Post online chat:

Naperville, Ill.: Why haven’t you polled on public support for the impeachment of George W. Bush?

Richard Morin: This question makes me mad…

Seattle, Wash.: How come ABC News/Post poll has not yet polled on impeachment?

Richard Morin: Getting madder…

Haymarket, Va.: With all the recent scandals and illegal/unconstitutional actions of the President, why hasn’t ABC News / Washington Post polled whether the President should be impeached?

Richard Morin: Madder still…


[W]e do not ask about impeachment because it is not a serious option or a topic of considered discussion –witness the fact that no member of congressional Democratic leadership or any of the serious Democratic presidential candidates in ‘08 are calling for Bush’s impeachment. When it is or they are, we will ask about it in our polls.

So Richard (or can I call you...Dick?), even though Congress is ignoring the issue for the time being, given the rather substantial size and skew of this MSNBC poll, can we expect to see you conduct your own poll to get an actual scientific answer to the question to help members of Congress gauge the speed and direction of the wind?

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Kira said...

Well said, I was wondering when something like this would come out. It is very true, during the Clinton years, all I kept hearing was the issue on Clinton being impeached. For Bush, I've only heard it come out of my and the people close to me mouths.

Let's just hope this isn't another thing that is swept under the rug for Bush and they actually commence some process to handle this situation. Although, I won't hold my breath.