Saturday, August 11, 2007

War czar considers draft

Please, oh PLEASE reinstate the draft. The military can't get enough IED fodder for their war to liberate Middle Eastern oil fields from brown people Glorious War on Islam, so they must do something to boost their ranks. Please let it be reinstating the draft. Let's see how that plays with the 18-30 somethings who have been supporting the Iraqi occupation to this point. How will their parents feel when they realize that their kids could die for George Bush's ego? Republicans can have all the rope they want on this one. Let their be no doubt about their destiny in 2008.

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Stevan said...

I don't think it will happen unless they decide to start a war with Iran as well.

A draft would finally spread the cost throughout our society, and the Chickenhawks would at last have to back up their big ass mouths.

They're not going to send their children over there to die. And you know the Chickenhawks are not going over themselves. (I believe the age limit is now 41. I find it difficult to imagine a bunch of fat assed yokels are going to make it through bootcamp and then end up in the Deserts of Iraq without crying their little eyes out).