Friday, August 10, 2007

Republican intolerance is alive and well

Freshman congressman and Christianist nutjob Bill Sali from Idaho is incensed that a Hindu was invited to deliver the daily invocation in the Senate. His views are a, make that completely, delusional. Here's what he said:

"We have not only a Hindu prayer being offered in the Senate, we have a Muslim member of the House of Representatives now, Keith Ellison from Minnesota. Those are changes -- and they are not what was envisioned by the Founding Fathers," asserts Sali.

Sali says America was built on Christian principles that were derived from scripture. He also says the only way the United States has been allowed to exist in a world that is so hostile to Christian principles is through "the protective hand of God."

"You know, the Lord can cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike," says the Idaho Republican.

According to Congressman Sali, the only way the U.S. can continue to survive is under that protective hand of God. He states when a Hindu prayer is offered, "that's a different god" and that it "creates problems for the longevity of this country."
If one were a thinking person, one might wonder why Christians make up only about 25% of the world's population if Christianity were truly God's chosen religion as Bill Sali believes. What do they teach the kids in Idaho? God takes an active role in protecting the United States? God must be losing both his hearing and his eye sight then, because what the Republicans have done to the United States in the past 13 years would certainly not get two thumbs up from JC.

Get a good look at your Republican party, America. Do you really want these clowns writing and voting on the laws that will dictate how you live your life? Republicans love Hindus as long as they stay in their own countries. They love them so much that they write legislation to help American corporations give their technical jobs to them at the expense of highly skilled and (mostly) Christian American workers. Don't get me wrong, I don't care about the color of a person's skin or the book he reads (or doesn't read). But how can these Christian Republicans (an oxymoron if ever there was one) square their treatment of the less fortunate, their own constituents, and their fellow Christians with what they claim are their religious beliefs?

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