Wednesday, February 6, 2008

George W. Bush Countdown Calendar - February 2

If you aren't outraged by what's going on, you're not paying attention.

Presidential Tax Cuts

For 2005, George W. and Laura Bush reported income of $738,880, paying $187,854 in taxes - about $26,000 less than they would have paid before the tax cuts he initiated. That same year, Dick and Lynne Cheney reported income of $9,120,960, paying taxes of $517,287, saving about $1,100,000 because of the tax cuts. Part of this savings was from charitable contributions he made that, due a law designed to benefit Katrina victims, qualified for deduction from his income. None of his contributions went to hurricane victims.
For Dick, that works out to a tax rate of 5.6%. And he thinks he's paying too much and needs more tax breaks. Life is tough for the rich in this country. I just don't know how they survive.

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