Friday, November 30, 2007

Roy Blunt is an idiot

My three-year-old can see through this argument.

"With one of the Democrats' leading war critics now saying the surge in Iraq is working, it's difficult to understand why the majority continues to push an irresponsible withdrawal plan that jeopardizes critical support funding for our troops," House Minority Whip Roy Blunt, R-Missouri, said.
Tell us, Roy, how would withdrawing troops from Iraq to the safety of the United States jeopardize critical support funding for the troops? The House already passed a bill giving Dubya another $50 billion to play army, but Senate Republicans voted against it. And it's about time a Democrat of standing finally said this:
"We have provided every penny that is currently necessary to fund Defense Department operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world," Pelosi said. "It is President Bush and his Republican allies in the Senate who are preventing extra funds from reaching our troops."
Democrats need to wrap this war around the neck of every Republican who has supported it since day one.

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