Saturday, July 28, 2007

The perfect storm

This story should be getting some serious attention. It is the confluence of many different issues facing this country today: low paying jobs, no health care without insurance, hazardous products from China, and Walmart.

This woman claims that she bought a pair of Chinese-made flip-flops from Walmart, where she worked briefly until she figured out how bad they suck. She wore them a few days and had some kind of reaction to them. Click on the links at the bottom of the page on her site to see what happened to her feet.

Because this woman has no health insurance, she can't get decent medical treatment. When she went to report what happened to her to Walmart (fearing that other people might have the same problem), they treated her like dog shit and did absolutely nothing except blame the Chinese importer.

We all know that Walmart imports the cheapest products they can find. It's obvious from this story that they couldn't care less if they are actually safe for consumers. Product liability attorneys should be banging her door down.

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